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Wealth Untold
Precious things of wealth untold, stores of silver and of cog, God hides oft within the ground, till by seeking they are found. In His world He’s hidden, too. Riches that He means for you. Search the Scriptures precious store. AS the minor digs for ore, finding the wisdom not of earth, for above a ruby’s worth. Search and you will surely find treasures to enrich the mind. Search the Scriptures every day like a pearl within its shell. Promise that fears dispel, search and find God’s word impart. Treasures to enrich the seeking heart. Search the Scriptures finding there Christ its treasurer rare. Through whom God makes wealth abound in each life where its found. Search and find that Christ will do to enrich all life for you.

As I am closing the store late Friday afternoon, Remona and Chelle pulled up, I stepped outside and ask where they were going. Well, Remona Said, “Dad and Reina have gone to camp so it’s girls night out.” I ask to where, ( you see I’m nosey) and they said “to eat supper with Becky.” They asked me to go, so I did. I really did enjoy it, we had Chinese food which was very good. I surprised Becky by my appearance. I had a great night out even tho the weather got a bit bad, but we made it!
Tanja enjoyed her Saturday in Vicksburg with her daughter, Niki and children. My John enjoy a trip to Louisville Kentucky to attend the cow show which he had not been since his little girl Lena Kat showed cows. Did enjoy but was quit different.
Got a call Sunday afternoon from Cathy Collier Sharplin from Austin. She said tell everyone back home hello from her. She called to tell me that Joyce Osbon had Passed away out in Georgia. Joyce is the wife of the laste Billy Osbon who was from and raised at Holly Ridge.
Happy Birthday this week to: Mrs. Charlene Towere, Diane McPherson on November 9th, Jonny Nix, Menko Thompson, Elizabeth Mims, Rachel Watson on November 10th, Oliver Nix, Monty Hogg, Courtney Thompson, on November 11th, Jennifer Williams, Alisha Blaylock, Barbara Blaylock, My twins granddaughters Lindsey and LeAnn on November 12th, My great niece Remona Rawls on November 13th. I wish each of these many more happy ones.
Anniversary wishes to: Bro Mike and Regina Clark on November 10th, Alan and Trish Thompson (Happy Golden one) on November 11th, Tom and Betty Jo Cullun on November 12th. May they share many more happy years together.
Have a great week
Remember: It’s not the will of God if it’s against what is taught in the Word of God.