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Holly Ridge Happenings

Hello there and just think Thanksgiving Day is over but always be thankful, now it is time to focus on Christmas Cheer. If will be here before you know it. So let me be the first to wish you a Very Merry Christmas.
My friends Dan and Carol Little from West Monroe came over on Friday for a visit and check on me. Dan wanted strawberry ice cream as usual and I was out. They say they will be by on Thursday so hopefully I’ll have some.
Josh and Courtney Toney and the little girls traveled out to Atlanta for the holidays with her family. Now there home to get back in tune, Ha!
Enjoying Thanksgiving at the Cobbs camp was Cherly Cobbs Kirk and some family from Baton Rouge. Sue Cobbs from down Lafayette way, Joey and Daine Cobb and I’m sure there was more that I didn’t know. They had a great time.
Kelsie Cheek was here for only Thanksgiving Day but enjoyed it all. Short visit is better than none at all and it had been a while since her last visit home.
Terry and Denise Thompson enjoyed Gracie Marsh and Mac from Shreveport, Lance and Terrah Johnson and Emmalyn and Justin Thompson from Baton Rouge.
Spending Thanksgiving holidays with Steve and Janice Lofton was Josh and Jenna and Their three little boys from Texarkana.
We were “short and quite” around here, some when their other ways, Here for turkey day was Ben and Emily Thompson and Cotton, Vanessa, Kelise, John Tyler, Ashley, Carter and Aiden and Me.
Now let us start thinking about Christmas!
Tanya was in Monroe with her Children Marce and Kyle Brown, Jeeri and Maria Thompson. They were at the home of Mara and Kyles.
Birthday wishes this week to: Jeanette Barrier, Naomie Walker, Beth Sanders on November 30th, Whitney Hurt, Mandy Parker, Carson Thompson on December 1st, Marvin Rieger, Robert Dylan Dew, Louise Ratcliff on December 2nd, Cayden and Ellie Clack, Jason Nix and Joyce Rawls on December 4th, Jan Maxwell, Angie Clack on December 5th, Elizabeth Nix, Luke Stowe, Jane Peirce, Kelli Thompson, Jay Livingston on December 6th. Have a great week! Try to stay warm but I’m sure you are not as me, blood thinner keeps me cold all of the time, but I’ll make it, Ha!
Remember: Happy are those who here the joyful call to worship for they will walk in the light of your presence Lord.

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