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Police Report

The Rayville Police Department made the following arrests for the week of Oct. 15-22.
• Jacob Fitt, 23, 2061 Hwy 80, Rayville; theft greater than $300 and less than $500.
• Laura Sturdivant, 44, 279 Ollie Morris Road, Rayville; theft less than $300.
• Charlotte Fuller, 27, 279 Ollie Morris Road, Rayville; accessory to theft.
• Kenneth Miller, 20, 601 Perkins Drive, Rayville; no driver’s license and speeding.
• Earlansia Thomas, 43, 231 Wanda St., Rayville; domestic abuse battery.
• Michelle Reynolds, 41, 206 Mill St., Rayville; disturbing the peace by loud music.
• Courtney Boykins, 34, 109 Iowa St., Delhi; disturbing the peace by loud music.
• Quantarius Collins, 19, 314 Woods St., Rayville; disturbing the peace by loud music.
• Joseph Lively, 53, 886 Burke Road, Rayville; driving under suspension and speeding.
• Shankeyla Coward, 39, 411 Madeline St., Rayville; disobedience to a police officer.
• Denisha Reynolds, 34, 204 Britton St., Rayville; driving under suspension.
• Clayton Southern, 23, 2388 Hwy 126 E., Grayson; driving under suspension.
• Taneckia Bias, 26, 116 Dill St., Rayville; simple battery.
• Takail Bias, 30, 316 Russell St, Apt. 58, Rayville; driving under suspension.
• Rumika Collins, 35, 14 Baker Lane, Rayville; driving under suspension.
• Bobby Griffin, 67, 103 McDonald St., Rayville;no driver’s license and no insurance.
• Joseph williams, 40, 506 Spencer St., Apt. 10, Rayville; disturbing the peace by loud music and driving under suspension.
• Three juveniles were arrested. Two were charged with disturbing the peace by fighting and one for disturbing the peace (general).
• • •
The Rayville Police Department issued a total of 41 traffic citations this week. That number includes 30 for speeding, two each for no driver’s license in possession, no seatbelt, no child restraints and improper turn with an accident and one each for no proof of insurance, wrong way on a one-way street and running a redlight.
• • •
Rayville Police Chief Willie Robinson advised “When you get a traffic ticket that is considered a moving violation, which affects your driving record as well as your insurance. Rather it be by my officers or any other law enforcement agency. So as you travel, please do the speed limit. If you do the speed limit, you stand a chance of not receiving a ticket or having a crash.
“The primary objective of my department is to maintain the peace and safety of this community for all its citizens. My officers and I have a zero tolerance policy for crimes of aggression and violence. Physical altercation is never an acceptable solution to a problem.”
He also stated that all citizens are more than welcome to call his office and ask for assistance of officers if there is a problem where you may need their asssitance.
Chief Robinson would also like to remind all citizens to keep their music at an appropriate level. The Rayville Police have had many arrests for disturbing the police by loud music. The chief also advised it is illegal to have an open container or to consume alcoholic beverages in a public place. Chief Robinson stated that violation of these ordinances will lead to arrests, fines and possibly even incarceration.
Chief Robinson encourages all citizens to come by the Rayville Police Department at 900 Harrison St. or to call 728-4431 if you need his help in any way.