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Holly Ridge Happenings


We should not speak from want, but learn to be content in whatever circumstances we’re in. Every drop of blood. He she He she for you and me! Love grew where the blood fell.

Scott Cheek has been here in attendance with his dad but had to return to Texas on Business. He is such a fine boy! Alan Thompson motored up to Kansas for a bird hunting recently. He was even gone on his and Trisha’s Golden Wedding Anniversary but they were surprised on the 18th with a party given by their girls at Aun Lannie’s home. Very nice but had the voting polls so we were unable to attend.
Mike McDonald from Monroe/Florida come by on Friday for a visit at the cemetery and by the store for a visit. It was good to see him.
Sue Guin Graham and daughter, Tammie, from South Mississippi were here on Saturday. It had been a few days or years since I last saw them.
We enjoyed “ole” Mike Morgan come in on Saturday, sat down a all had a good visit. Voting day at Thompson’s was very slow but we enjoyed it anyway.
Happy Birthday this week to: Stephanie Stokes, Dustin Sanders on November 23r, Katie Pelley, Fannie Wynn, Mildred Carroll on November 24th, Diane Nettles on November 25th, Angie Hewitt, Heahter Mosley, Dalton Bell on November 26th, Wendi Walters on November 27th, Randal Scott Cheek on November 28th, Valorie Earl, Drew Holly and Thelma Green on November 29th. I wish them many more. Anniversary wishes to: Bobbie and John Stell, Dorothy and Joe Lively onn November 23rd, Nelda and Mac Haygood on November 27th, Angie and Spence Clack on November 28th. May these share many more Happy years together.
My lone prayers and heartfelt sympathy goes out to the families and friends of the Sistruck family, the Thames family, the Mills family, the Copes family. May God as we know He will.
Have a great and happy safe Thanksgiving. Cherish those you have with you.
Remember: Life is a grindstone. Whether it grinds us down or polishes up all depends on us!

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